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All New Bmw 7 series 2015 Quick Review

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The all new bmw 7 series 2015 is the car that will certainly fulfill all of our expectations. This luxurious car also is currently the most advanced car that can be found in the car market with all of its most advanced technologies that are installed on this car.  BMW has been knows as a car company that shows constant improvements for every of its new car including this new bmw 7 series. One of the drastic improvements should come from the engine of this car where the diesel model of this car is ready to be launched. Another improvement comes from the exterior parts of this car which makes grants this car more luxurious and glamour look. The interior of this all new bmw 7 series 2015 is also significantly improved especially on this car’s seats. In here we are going to give a quick review of this car where it can strengthen our positive opinions about this luxurious car.


Exterior Part

The first thing that will be reviewed is the all new bmw 7 series 2015 exterior part. As what has been stated before, the exterior part of this car are improved where the most noticeable improvement comes from the headlamp although we will only see it on the model with V-8 engine. Another noticeable improvement comes from this car’s fascia where it appears to be longer which is also accompanied with horizontal lower intake that supports the aerodynamic features of this cat. The headlight also derives some improvements where it is finely detailed with the bumper which is added with chrome strip.

Interior Part


The interior part of this all new bmw 7 series 2015 is also improved on some parts. The first improvement come from the seats of this car where this new bm 7 series has leather seats with the best quality.  The cockpit is also improved where the new one has streamlined dash shapes which is accompanied with grained wood trim.


The engine of this all new bmw 7 series 2015 is also remarkable where the engine itself is the 3.0 L turbo-diesel with an inline six-cylinder engine. This engine is capable to produce a maximum power of 255 horsepower. The last thing about this car is the price. It has been a public secret that BMW’s cars are always followed with a fantastic price since all of its advanced specs where this all new bmw 7 series 2015 is priced around $74,000.

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