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2016 Toyota Rav4 Overview and Review

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There will be some SUVs car that will be launched either in the late 2015 or 2016 where one of them is the2016 toyota rav4. Toyota, as this car’s manufacturer, has worked very hard to give many different touches in this car hence it will look sportier and better. Some redesigning efforts can be seen if we compare it with the previous version of this car. However, we will not see a giant SUV that is capable to carry many passengers and have an “oversized” look but we are talking about a relatively small car for a SUV type.  2016 toyota rav4 is basically the smallest SUV that has been developed by Toyota.


Not only developing some redesigning efforts, this car is also developed into a hybrid car, such a bold move from Toyota. With the transformation to hybrid car, this car is projected to have the capability to replace the Ford Escape Hybrid that has dominated this segment from 2004-2012. With its sportier look as well as some decent touches on the exterior part of this car, it is not impossible that this car will steal many people’s attention in the upcoming 2016. In here we are going to talk about some redesigning efforts on this car as well as its price.

Interior Part


2016 toyota rav4 part that has undergone major changes is the interior part. Yes, Toyota has decided to update the interior design of this car with an additional entertainment system that will make us more comfortable while driving this car.  Soft touch surfaces will be developed as the one of the major changes of this car which is done by using lighter materials. Trim is also added around the console elements and also the dashboard. The exterior part of this car is also subjected to some changes especially the front part. Everything is improved on the front part which is including the new angular and triangular shapes of the headlights and also the overall shape that will make this 2016 toyota rav4 looks more aggressive.

Improved Engine

The next aspect of this 2016 toyota rav4 is the engine. People are expecting some new engine on this car to replace the older engine which is the 2.5 L inline 4. There are some predictions on the engine. The first prediction is the 1.5 L engine that is capable to produce 180 horsepower and also 2 L engine that is capable to produce 250 horsepower. With its $23,680 price, this 2016 toyota rav4 is worth to be considered as our choice in the future.

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