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2016 BMW M8 Release Date Redesign Review

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For some of us who have waited long for the new release from BMW, be grateful since 2016 BMW M8 will be release sometime in 2016 where in here we are going to talk a bit about 2016 BMW M8 Release Date Redesign. BMW with M8 version was actually firstly released on 1981 where the revolution on the car industries has brought this supercar to be one of the most leading car in its segment. BMW, as this car maker, has long kept the secrecy of this car’s development where it was named as E31 project. This new 2016 BMW M8 will also be designed by Klaus Kapitza.


The ling secrecy of almost five years will finally be revealed in the upcoming 2016 where it is surely surprised us with some of redesigning efforts on the specific parts of this car. This newest version of BMW M8 is predicted to look more luxurious and more aggressive with a mind-blowing powertrain. In this 2016 BMW M8 Release Date Redesign, we will discuss exclusively about this car which includes its overall design, engine, and its price.


First aspect that will be discussed on this 2016 BMW M8 Release Date Redesign is the exterior appearance of this car. It is not surprising if many supercars have decent exterior appearance which of course can be seen in this 2016 BMW M8. This car will appear to be a wider car from its previous version and also low frame. The front grille of this car will be divided into two parts that are accompanied with vertical grid. The headlights will also undergo some changes where one of them is its flattened appearance. A lighter supercar is also expected from this 2016 BMW M8 because it is mainly built from lightweight materials which are accompanied with metal framework for the wheels part. Since this supercar is basically a coupe car then a two-seater is much expected with a luxurious interior design inside this car. However, according to a certain 2016 BMW M8 Release Date Redesign info, this car will not provide any touchscreen technology.


EngineAnd Release Date

Another aspect that will also be discussed on this 2016 BMW M8 Release Date Redesign is the engine. The engine of this supercar is the 4.4 L with V-8 twin turbocharged engine which is capable to produce a mind-boggling power which is 650 horsepower. The last thing on this 2016 BMW M8 Release Date Redesign is the released date where it is predicted to be in 2016.

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