2015 Toyota Tacoma Concept Review

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Toyota has launched its newest pickup car which is the 2015 Toyota Tacoma where some of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma concept remains the same with the previous version of this car. Toyota has developed this car with two main purposes which are to provide a cheap pickup car and also to accommodate the demand of pickup car in North America especially. The 2015 Toyota Tacoma concept does not really have notable changes from the previous version where little changes may be discovered. There are lots of critiques on this newer version of Toyota Tacoma where most of the critiques comes from the interior part of this car that has not really changed since the first version of this car released and also its steering which is not quite expressive. Despite of all of its downside, 2015 Toyota Tacoma also offers some good things that we may discover while driving it. In here we are going to give you all the information about the benefits and the downside of this car hence we will have a deeper knowledge about this car.


Exterior Design

The first aspect on this 2015 Toyota Tacoma concept is the exterior design. Well, it certainly still looks similar with the previous version although some minor changes have been applied in some parts.  The extra black trim is applied on the front grille of this car. Not only in that part, it is also applied in the wheels and the rear parts of this car.  The headlamps are also undergone some minor improvements where in this newer version of Toyota Tacoma it is differently wrapped around the front grille.

Interior Design

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The next aspect on the 2015 Toyota Tacoma concept is the interior design. Nothing much to say on this part since most aspects remain unchanged. The features on the dashboard are still the climate control feature and audio feature. The cabin is also blackened in every part except the driver’s part and the vents where those parts appear in a brighter look.


Despite of some critiques that are addressed to 2015 Toyota Tacoma concept, good thing comes from the engine of this car where this part is most likely the best selling point of this car. The five speed manual transmission that is accompanied by two options of engine (236 horsepower and 266 horsepower) has made this car to be a powerful truck. In conclusion, although 2015 Toyota Tacoma concept has not really changed, it is still one the most wanted truck with its decent engine.

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