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2015 Honda Pilot Review

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If we are searching for a car that is capable to bring the whole families with the high level of safet system then we should check 2015 honda pilot out immediately. This car provides everything we need to bring all of our family’s members in one car. This car also is specialized for family since it is able to carry up to eight passengers. With its spacious cabin and some features that can be found inside this car, 2015 honda pilot should be a perfect choice for family men. The downside may be in the design where it has a boxy design (a kind of design that is rarely used nowadays) but if design does not really matter to us, this car is certainly a perfect choice. Comparing to the previous version of this car, there are some minor changes hence it will be less different from the previous version of this car.  In here we are going to give a bit review about this car.


2015 honda pilot Engine

The first thing that we are going to thoroughly discuss is about 2015 honda pilot engine. This is actually one of the selling point of this car where it has a powerful engine. The engine is the 3.5 L V-6 where this engine is capable to produce a maximum power of 250 horsepower. This kind of powertrains does provide three good aspects which are smoothness, responsiveness, and also strength. There are many models of this car where most of the models use this engine.

2015 honda pilot Safety System


Safety is the aspect that 2015 honda pilot cares the most. It is by far one of the cars that is equipped with the best safety system that guarantee the safety of our family’s members. Some of the features are the side-curtain airbags that will save our life hand if we have an accident like car crash and it is equipped in every row of seats in this car. Another safety features come from the security system of this car where it is equipped with rearview camera.

2015 honda pilot Design

Now the last part of this review is the 2015 honda pilot design. Yes, it does not look very attractive with a tall and boxy design whereas another car has been adopting a more futuristic and elegant looks but if we are looking for a replacement for a minivan than it is truly the best alternative. In conclusion, 2015 honda pilot should be the best car for our family with its spacious cabin and advanced safety system

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