2015 BMW i8 Report And Review   

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Many rumors previously on the new 2015 BMW i8 where in here we are going to give the real 2015 BMW i8 report and review which are based on the real facts. It is not surprising if the 2015 BMW i8 has been gaining lots of attention since it offers a new look on a luxurious kind of car.  In this newest version of BMW masterpiece, we can clearly see the mix between classic design and modern design has led to a new look that surely different with other luxurious car.


The cutting-edge technology also should be something that even make this 2015 BMW i8to stay different. Another unusual improvement of this car is the “birdwing” doors which are rarely found in any sport cars nowadays and it surely fits with the overall design of this car. This car is also the part of i series family of BMW means that this car will be far more efficient which is accompanied with a sustainable performance therefore we certainly will be satisfied with the performance of i series family of BMW including this 2015 BMW i8. Luckily in this 2015 BMW i8 report and review, we are going to review some parts of this car that become the main selling point.

Overall Design


The first thing that is going to be reviewed on this 2015 BMW i8 report and review is the overall design of this masterpiece. We have known that every sports car will be the center of attention almost in every opportunity that this kind of car gets in the car shows. This luxurious car adapts to the classic coupe shape with two doors and raptor shape. The wing doors as the main difference from any other sports car is just too good to be true. The interior design of this car does offer some features that will make us comfortable. According to a certain 2015 BMW i8 report and review, the contoured seats are what we are going to see on the first look on the inside of this sports car.


Another good thing on this 2015 BMW i8 report and review is the engine.  The engine on this 2015 BMW i8 is the 1.5 L with 3 cylinder engine which is capable to produce a maximum power of 231 horsepower (turbocharged) and also 236 l ft of torque. The conclusion of this 2015 BMW i8 report and review is that this new 2015 BMW i8 offers a sumptuous design with a powerful powertrain.

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