The 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan and the Modern Variation

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2014 Honda civic si sedan is the modern type of the family car. This one does not proposing the great power and this also is not the kind of speedy car. The main point must be noticed from this one is its appropriateness with the common desire of people for having the modern family car. This one is the best choice if you want to have the kind of the comfortable car to be used in some kinds of trips in modern time nowadays.

The Design of 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan

The 2014 Honda civic si sedan is the interesting one primarily because of the appearance of its metallic color choice. Blue color commonly becomes the favorite one to be used by modern people because of its possibility to help people for making the sense of the natural car. The other color choices like the common casual colors proposed can give the same effect into the whole appearance of the car.

Because of that, considering the design of the 2014 Honda civic si sedan becomes the important aspect from the consideration for choosing this car. Of course for choosing it people need to propose the possibility of making the new modern design of car with the variation as it can be found in 2014 civic si sedan wheel. The variation makes more elegant appearance of the car as the kind of the best family car options today. There is one thing can be considered too based on that and that is can be connected into the appearance of the car as something must be seen primarily from its design like this one.

The Common Specs of the Car

The 2014 Honda civic si sedan have the standard type of power. This one can reach 205 horsepower that is the standard one for the family car. Of course through that power, the comfortable situation inside the car can be reached easily. The interior design of the car can be found in the high level of the modern one. Completed with Bluetooth and great stereo system inside, you can feel the great modern kind of family car through choosing the civic si sedan 2014.

The 2014 Honda civic si sedan has six speed manual transmission that is combined with 2.4 L engine size for supporting the best performance of the car. All of those specs can be categorized as the amazing one can be reached through the low price that is about $ 24.490.

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