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2014 Honda Civic Overview

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People hoped that 2014 Honda Civic would undergo drastic changes from its previous version and luckily they got it. There are lots of improvement on this car where it tried to fix all of the chaos that were made in the previous version of this car. Yes, for all of us who are following the evolution step of Honda Civic, we must recognize that the previous 2012 version was a total failure. Although it offered a cheaper interior which directly affects the price of this car, it was not accompanied with good specs. With its out of date powertrains and disappointing handling, 2012 Honda Civic was not very popular back then.


Honda did realize those issues which is why, the 2014 Honda Civic has lots of improvements from its predecessors that has helped this car back to the car’s market.  This car comes with two type of styles which are sedan and coupe. Improvements were made in several parts of this car in both exterior part and interior part of this car. In here, we are going to inform you those improvements.

2014 Honda Civic Interior Design


The first one is some improvements on 2014 Honda Civic interior design. The first improvement came from the cabin. It was upgraded into a more comfy and spacious cabin although the number of the seat remained unchanged. One of the drastic change came from the materials that were used to form the interior part of this car.  One of the new material is the strong steel which made this car stiffer than before. The thickness of front door and windshield was also improved. Another improvement came from the entertainment set that was installed in the front part of this car. It has both Bluetooth integration and also Pandora integration. There improvement in the interior part has made 2014 Honda Civic back on the right track.

2014 Honda Civic Exterior Design

Another improvements can also be seen on the 2014 Honda Civic exterior design. From a quick view, we must see some similarities between Honda Civic and Honda Accord which is true. Honda Civic adopted some of the Honda Accord‘s exterior design. We can simply see the similarity in the open mouth lower bumper of this car that is similar with Accord’s and also the honeycomb grille that is also similar with Accord’s. The price of this 2014 Honda Civic is affordable supposedly since it is only prices around $18,390 which is a relatively cheap price.

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